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Basic structure of aluminum shell intermediate frequency melting furnace

In recent years, due to the adjustment of national industrial policies, intermediate frequency smelting furnaces for aluminum shells are relatively rare in the metal remelting or foundry industry. However, in some places where foundry has just started or is relatively backward, aluminum-shell intermediate frequency melting furnaces are still very popular because of their simple structure, relatively low price, and good cost performance.

Aluminum shell intermediate frequency smelting furnace is suitable for small tonnage intermediate frequency smelting furnaces. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stipulates that smelting furnaces below 250Kg can be used legally in China, which limits the domestic promotion and use of aluminum shell smelting furnaces. However, in the CIS countries and some small neighboring countries, there are no legal restrictions, and the use of aluminum intermediate frequency smelting furnaces is greatly promoted.

This kind of aluminum shell intermediate frequency melting furnace is composed of two semi-circular aluminum alloy furnace shells, which are combined into a furnace body by refractory cement asbestos plates and non-magnetic material bolts. The aluminum shell is equipped with inductor coils, furnace linings, crucibles, etc. The inductor coil of the intermediate frequency furnace is made of high-quality rectangular hollow copper tube according to the required size and number of turns. It is an important part of the furnace body. Generally equipped with two furnace bodies, one for production use and the other for standby. The fixed furnace body can be used directly at the work site. The tilting furnace body is matched with the RZS type mechanical tilting device, which is fixed on the base table by the furnace body bracket to realize the entire furnace body tilting 95 degrees, pour out the molten metal material, and restore it to a horizontal position. In order to achieve the process requirements of fixed-point pouring, speed control, and smooth operation in some non-ferrous metal castings, small and medium-frequency electric furnaces can also use hydraulic tilting devices, using hydraulic principles. When the oil pump is working, the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is pressurized. The valve is fed into two symmetrical oil cylinders, so that the furnace body can be turned over 95 degrees steadily, and the molten metal in the crucible is poured out at a fixed point. Change the position of the control valve, use the weight of the furnace body to squeeze out the hydraulic oil from the cylinder back to the oil tank, and the furnace body slowly rotates to reset. The hydraulic control console is fixed on the furnace operation platform.

The tilting of the aluminum shell intermediate frequency furnace is controlled by the tilting control box. This tilting control electrical box controls the tilting and restoration of the electric furnace body. It can be installed on the wall next to the furnace body operating platform to lead out the soft sheath insulation control The line is connected to the manual operation button, and the furnace body is turned and restored manually. It is also possible to fix the tilting furnace control electrical box at a suitable position on the furnace body operating platform through a vertical metal tube, and manually operate the tilting and restoration.

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