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Structural features of medium frequency furnace

Medium frequency furnace heating, fast heating speed, energy saving, environmental protection and uniform temperature. It is conducive to the batch heating processing line of workpieces. Forging heating, casting heating, modulation heating and rolling heating are produced in large quantities or in large quantities, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency.
1. The structural feature of the medium frequency furnace is mainly the medium frequency heating design. The heating frequency range is between 100Hz and 8000Hz. It is suitable for the heat penetration depth of forging heating, meets the requirements of forging heating uniformity, reduces raw material consumption and saves forging materials.
2. In the production process of medium frequency furnace, in order to improve the automation of medium frequency furnace heating, the manufacturer of medium frequency furnace uses a large number of PLC control elements and control system software to ensure the use of medium frequency furnace in forging heating automatic production line, so as to improve the production efficiency of enterprise forging heating to a great extent.
3. The heating speed of medium frequency furnace is relatively fast, which is conducive to shorten the contact time between forging materials and air, so as to reduce the oxidation rate of forging materials in heating, reduce the generation of oxide scale of forgings, improve the utilization rate of materials in the process of forging heating, and increase the benefits of enterprises in medium frequency furnace heating.
4. The feeding end of the medium frequency furnace is equipped with a washboard feeding or automatic turnover mechanism to facilitate the transmission of forging materials, fully automate the workpiece transmission process, reduce human intervention, ensure the consistency of heating temperature of forging materials, reduce labor intensity and save production cost.
5. In the process of medium frequency furnace production, the medium frequency furnace has relatively high heating efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance, which is conducive to reducing the production cost of users.