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Precautions for the use of closed cooling tower

Precautions for installation and use of closed cooling tower:

water cooling system
1. The top of the closed cooling tower is designed with a fan, which requires a large amount of air volume to take away the heat inside. Therefore, the installation environment of the cooling tower should be wide, without dense buildings and heat sources around, and sufficient fresh air is to ensure the cooling efficiency Base. The impermeability of the surrounding environment will cause the overall temperature of the ambient air to rise, which will seriously affect the cooling effect.

2. Noise control:

If it is a closed cooling tower equipped with a household central air conditioner, then install it in an area where residents care about it. Special noises such as fan noise, water flow noise, and water pump noise produced by the cooling tower will affect the lives of surrounding residents, so they are usually placed in On the roof, in order to better control the noise, noise barriers should be installed and the installation distance of the cooling tower should be increased.

3. The nature of the cooling fluid:

The cooling fluid is the liquid flowing through the cooling tower coil, and the condensing coil is usually made of copper tubes. First, the medium passing through the condensing coil cannot react chemically and physically with the copper tube. The closed cooling tower usually cools water, and the water is distilled water. During use, no scale will be generated, which ensures the smooth operation of the fluid inside the coil. When encountering some specific fluids, it should be regularly based on the nature of the fluid. Perform mechanical cleaning and inspection of the condensing coil.

4. antifreeze matters:

The main cooling medium in a closed cooling tower is water. In northern China, the temperature is very low, and the water will freeze very easily when the water is below zero. A pool is set at the bottom of the cooling tower, sometimes when the pump is at full flow. , Icing will still occur, so anti-freezing measures must be taken. Usually an electric heating system is set, and automatic temperature control is set. Add antifreeze agents to the cooling water. Or set up a long-distance water delivery pool, introduce the pool into the room, and deliver water through a long distance.

5. Wastewater treatment:

In the pool at the bottom of the cooling tower, after a long period of use and operation, a large amount of mixed impurities will be deposited in the bottom pool. After the spray water of the spray device evaporates, a large amount of inorganic ions and organic matter are concentrated and attached to the bottom of the pool. Therefore, when sewage is discharged, a certain amount of water treatment must be performed on the water. After the water treatment, the cooling water can still be used for cooling and recycling.