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MF electric furnace power calculation

Shandong Huaxin Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is an old enterprise with nearly 30 years of history in the design and production of intermediate frequency furnaces, intermediate frequency electric furnaces, intermediate frequency heating furnaces, and intermediate frequency smelting furnaces. It has its own uniqueness in the design and calculation of intermediate frequency furnaces, and currently has thousands of A set of intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment is in production. Many designs are from theory to practice, in the process of summarizing from practice to theory, until mature application. The following recommends our own calculation formula for the power design of the intermediate frequency electric furnace for your reference.

The formula for calculating the power of the intermediate frequency electric furnace of Huaxin Electric Furnace:


Formula description: P—equipment power (Kw); C—specific heat of metal, in which the specific heat coefficient of steel is 0.168

G—weight of heated workpiece (kg); T—heating temperature (℃); t—working cycle (seconds);

∮—The overall thermal efficiency of the equipment, generally 0.5-0.7, and 0.4 for special-shaped parts.

For example: a forging factory has a forging blank of Φ80×120mm, a working cycle of 18 seconds/piece (including auxiliary time), and an initial forging temperature of 1200°C. The calculation of the power of the GTR intermediate frequency electric furnace is as follows: P=(0.168×4.73×1200)/(0.24×18×0.6)=367.89Kw

According to the above calculation, it is necessary to configure the induction heating equipment of the GTR intermediate frequency furnace with a rated power of 400Kw.

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