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medium frequency melting furnace

Huaxin is an industry leader for industrial medium frequency melting furnace.Each medium frequency melting furnace is designed to be low maintenace and energy efficient.We have varity of options and sizes ensure to meet you facility requirements. Huaxin medium frequency melting furnaces are commonly used for aluminum,zinc,copper,lead,brass,bronze,and other metal materials.Our experienced engineers work closely with you to design an industrial medium frequency melting furnace that meets your specifications.



performance characteristics

1.Aluminum shell furnace body use thicken aluminum alloy shell, reduce magnetic leakage and ensure furnace body strength

2.Thicken wall induction coil use T2 standard copper tube, offer larger melting capacity, improve electricity efficiency by turn-to-turn space of induction coils

3.Open type furnace hearth reduce moisture, and design cooling rings on bottom, which extend brasque lifetime.



performance characteristics

1.Furnace body compsed of furnace fixed mount and furnace body, furnace fixed mount and furnace body takes globality frame structure

2.Furnace tilting is controlled by hydraulic system, it realized tilting by hydraulic cylinders on opposite sides of furnace shell.

3.liquid iron’s diameter and height is very high in furnace tank. This furnace tank is determined on the basis of computer analy    sis, with reference to the foreign advanced furnace types, power     factor further improved, the effiency is rapidly raised.