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induction melting furnace working principle

Induction melting furnace is mainly divided into main frequency induction furnace and medium frequency induction furnace. The medium frequency induction melting furnace has eht advantages of melting fast, high production efficiency, high load voltage, low load loss, operation simple, easy to use. Medium frequency induction melting furnace is composed of induction furnace body, hydraulic system, water cooling system and electric control system.

Next, we will introduce the working principle of medium frequency induction melting furnace for you.

  1. principle of electromagnetic inductionmedium frequency induction melting furnace working principle_electromagnetic induction

    Induction melting furnace is based on the principle of the electromagnetic induction, which transfers electric energy to the metal to be melted by induction coils, and converts electric energy into heat energy to achieve the purpose of melting. The induction coil is not in direct contact with the metal and the electric energy is transmitted by electromagnetic induction.

  2. Heating power supply induction heatingThe heating power supplies the induction coil with alternating current to produce the AC magnetic flux of the same frequency. The furnace charge in the induction coil generates the induction electromotive force, which makes the charge heat up.
  3. “hump” phenomenonIn the melting process,the molten metal will rise up and down in the center of the crucible. This is because the direction of eddy current induced in liquid metal is opposite to the direction of current passing, so mutual repulsion is produced between them.

The working principle of medium frequency induction furnace is mainly affected by electromagnetic induction and current thermal effect. It has the advantages: Stable, efficiently and energy saving. Huaxin electric furnace professionally manufature MF induction melting furnace . welcome to our factory, if you have some questions, you can leave message to us. we will contact you as soon as possible!