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Medium frequency melting furnace yoke

(1) Classification of yoke silicon steel sheet of intermediate frequency melting furnace

A.The medium frequency melting furnace magnetic yoke silicon steel sheet can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling according to the production process. Cold rolling can be divided into grain non-oriented and grain oriented. Cold rolled sheets have uniform thickness, good surface quality, and high magnetic properties. Therefore, with the development of industry, hot rolled sheets tend to be replaced by cold rolled sheets.

B.The yoke silicon steel sheet of the intermediate frequency melting furnace can be divided into low silicon and high silicon according to its different silicon content. The low silicon wafer contains less than 2.8% silicon, it has a certain mechanical strength, and is mainly used for manufacturing motors, commonly known as motor silicon steel sheets; the high silicon wafer has a silicon content of 2.8%-4.8%, which has good magnetic properties, but is relatively brittle, and is mainly used in the manufacture of transformer cores, commonly known as transformer silicon steel sheets. There is no strict boundary between the two in actual use, and high-silicon chips are commonly used to manufacture large motors.


(2) Performance index of yoke silicon steel sheet of intermediate frequency melting furnace

A.The punching performance is good. This is more important for the manufacture of small and micro motor cores.

B.High stacking coefficient. The surface of the silicon steel sheet is smooth, flat and uniform in thickness, and the stacking coefficient of the manufactured iron core is improved.

C.The surface has good adhesion to the insulating film and good solderability.

D.Low iron loss. The most important indicator of quality, all countries in the world divide the grades by iron loss value. The lower the iron loss, the higher the grade and the higher the quality.

E.High magnetic induction intensity. Under the same magnetic field, the silicon steel sheet with higher magnetic induction can be obtained. The motor and transformer iron core made of it have smaller volume and weight, which can relatively save silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulating material.