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Lining Material (Refractories Material)

When using the medium frequency induction furnace, the lining material plays a vital role. That the lining is good or not depends the life and efficiency of

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace to a certain extent,So,when using Induction Furnace, you should choose the suit Refractory Material. In fact,there are many lining materials of furnace,we should use the suit lining not expansive one, In generally, For induction furnace, different lining respond to different lining material, Simply,lining material of furnace divides to Acidic lining materials, alkaline lining materials and neutral lining materials.

 Acidic Lining Materials is used often to melt iron or steel mental, its ingredient is mainly Silicon oxide based materials,usually is Refined Quartz Sand(SIO2>99.5%). The Silicon’s advantage is lower price, moderate refractoriness and good thermal shock resistance,is suit to melt cast iron and cast aluminum with low melting temperature, The Acidic lining is with lower cost but also lower refractoriness,which is limit its scope of use。

Acidic Lining Materials Price
EXW PRICE $450.00/T


Alkaline Lining Materials includes mainly metallurgical magnesia with more than 92% magnesium oxide and fused magnesia,suitable for melting low silicon alloy steel and alkaline steel。

The intermediate frequency furnace magnesium material has the advantages of high refractoriness, good resistance to alkaline slag and stability against physical and chemical effects, but its expansion coefficient is large, thermal shock resistance is not good, and the intermittent operation of the furnace wall is easy Cracks occur, suitable for continuous operation.

Alkaline Lining Materials Price
EXW PRICE $1450.00/T


Neutral Lining Material of the intermediate frequency furnace is mainly alumina material, commonly used are calcined bauxite clinker and fused corundum. Bauxite has the advantages of low price, high refractoriness, good chemical stability and good thermal shock resistance. It is suitable for smelting gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, high manganese steel and other materials; it is not easy to start with acid and alkaline slag Chemical reaction, intermittently opening the furnace is not easy to crack.

The fused corundum is made by remelting bauxite or alumina powder in an electric furnace. It has a high content of AL2O3 and has a very high refractoriness. Its performance is superior to bauxite, and it is often used for the optimization material of steel lining in intermediate frequency furnaces, but its price is relatively expensive compared to magnesia.

Neutral Lining Material Price
EXW PRICE $2250.00/T


As can be seen from the above description, there are different types of IF furnace linings, and different varieties of IF furnace lining materials should be configured according to the heating metal.