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Measures to reduce the loss of electric furnace electrode

The main causes of electrode loss in electric furnaces in steelmaking are chemical loss caused by oxidation and physical loss caused by electrode damage. The reason for the chemical loss is that the length and angle of the oxygen lance on the inner wall of the electric furnace are unreasonable. During the cleaning of scrap steel, the oxygen flow of the oxygen lance in the furnace door is too large, which leads to serious oxidation of the electrode surface and increased chemical loss.

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The solution is as follows: Optimize the angle of the oxygen lance to avoid the direct effect of oxygen blowing on the electrode; optimize the use of the oxygen lance and regulate the larger oxygen flow of the oxygen lance. The cause of electric furnace electrode fracture is divided into mechanical failure and electrical phase master control.
The mechanical failure control is as follows: reasonable allocation. The distribution of various steel materials in the basket is reasonable to prevent the thin and light steel from forming a ball on the top of the furnace, which is difficult to go down, thereby forming a large piece of scrap steel to collapse the electric pole; when melting, pay attention to the distribution of unmelted materials. For the resulting bridge structure, by blowing oxygen or physically swinging, the charge will collapse at the elevated position of the electrode to avoid electrode fracture; the electrode installation should be reasonable and standardized to ensure that the clamping and installation are stable; the electrode connection position is correct, and the electrode seat should be in Above the connection position, it should not be stuck on the opening or the lifting ring at the same time.
Electrical phase control measures: After high-voltage transmission, ensure that the three-phase balance of the secondary short-circuit no-load voltage is ensured; before the electrode is automatically lowered, ensure that the scrap steel layer directly below the electrode is conductive; after the one-phase electrode drops and touches the scrap, observe the second-phase electrode Whether the voltage drops immediately; if an arc occurs in a phase electrode, ensure that the secondary current display of the phase electrode can be seen; regularly check the braking force of the electrode hydraulic drive structure.
The above is the relevant knowledge of the measures we have explained to you to reduce the loss of electric furnace electrodes. If you want to know more about the problems of induction heating furnaces and electric furnaces, you can pay attention to us, and we will continue to update.