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KGPX double rectifier MF power supply

MF melting furnace, medium frequency power supply

Main advantages:

▲Adopting 12-pulse rectifier circuit — effectively reduce the 5 and 7 times effectively and reduce the power grid pollution

▲Without increasing the line voltage, doubling the rectified output voltage-reduce circuit loss

▲Easy to improve equipment power capacity — greatly improve the stability of power equipment

▲Under the premise of increasing low cost, can greatly reduce energy consumption — total machine can be saving more than 15%

Technology Introduction:

▲Adopting special power transformer when using KGPS double rectifier equipment. The transformer has two sets of output windings (one set is star-shaped output and the other is triangle output). Meanwhile equipment inside corresponds to two sets rectifier system, and then the two sets rectifier system stack to inverter to supply electric. Adopting this way, not only can reduce energy consumption, but can suppress medium frequency harmonic, reduce the grid pollution.