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KGCX series resonant MF power supply

medium frequency power supply, MF melting furnace

Main advantage

▲The rectifier circuit ha been in full-on states – realizing constant power operation

▲The whole improvement of power factor – the running process always more than 0.95

▲Adopting advanced rectifier circuit-3, 5, 7 harmonics up to national standards

▲Adopting series resonant circuit-high load voltage, low load loss

▲Design principle for saving energy and reducing consumption – energy saving more than 30%

▲Can supply power to two sets furnace body at the same time–realizing uninterrupted production

KGCX technology introduction

▲The series resonant output cabinet and two furnace bodies constitute one-power two-furnace smelting system , output power can be steplessly arbitrarily assigned between two furnace body. the equipment can support two furnace body at the same time, one heat preservation one melt, does not need the external devices to select the furnace bodies. Our tandem resonant design to insure the equipment running sustained, stable and with the large load matching range.