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Introduction to medium frequency furnace body

Furnace body is the main component of medium frequency furnace, which is composed of furnace shell, induction coil, cooling water circuit, furnace lining material, etc.

induction melting furnace body
1. The medium frequency furnace body is mainly composed of furnace shell, yoke, coil, waterway, furnace lining, furnace leakage alarm and other parts. The furnace shell is divided into steel shell furnace body and aluminum shell furnace body.
2. The shell of small capacity furnace body generally adopts aluminum shell. Advantages: small volume, convenient installation, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost. The furnace body generally adopts mechanical tilting device (reducer), which is suitable for small tonnage medium frequency furnace, generally no more than 2 tons.
3. The shell of large capacity furnace body mostly adopts steel frame structure, which is composed of fixed frame and furnace body. The fixed frame and furnace body adopt an integral framework structure. The tilting of the furnace body is controlled by the hydraulic system, and the reset is realized by the pressure generated by the self weight of the furnace body. The height and diameter of molten iron in the furnace are relatively high. Generally, more than 1 ton is mostly used in this kind of furnace
4. This structure can be directly observed when abnormal conditions are found in water-cooling cable, cooling water pipeline, yoke and induction coil, which is convenient for troubleshooting and maintenance in time and avoiding unnecessary losses.
5. Yoke: a profiling yoke is built in the furnace body. The yoke shielding can reduce magnetic leakage, prevent furnace body from heating and improve efficiency. At the same time, the magnetic yoke supports and fixes the induction coil, so that the furnace body can achieve high strength and low noise. The yoke is made of high magnetic conductivity silicon steel sheets, which are fixed with stainless steel plate clamp and core threading screw, and the stainless steel / copper tube heat sink is welded between them. The magnetic yoke is close to the outside of the induction ring in an arc shape and is cooled with water to prevent deformation due to temperature rise, which greatly improves the heating efficiency of the equipment.
6. Stainless steel cooling section is adopted at the top / bottom of the induction ring of the medium frequency furnace body to ensure uniform cooling of the furnace lining temperature, prevent local overheating and prolong the service life of the furnace lining. The induction coil of large coreless medium frequency induction furnace is made of thick wall cold drawn rectangular copper pipe. The screw bolt of each coil is fixed with the vertical bakelite column to ensure the overall firmness and stability. The coil is the heart of the induction furnace. The induction coil generates a strong magnetic field under the action of current, which makes the metal in the furnace generate eddy current and heat. Coil is the key to convert electric energy into heat energy, so the design of coil is very important.