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Installation steps of graphite crucible for intermediate frequency induction melting furnace

1. The furnace hall must be inspected before installing the crucible. If there is a collapse, it should be repaired first.

2. Remove the residue on the furnace wall and bottom.

3. Check whether the leaking hole is unblocked, if it is not unblocked, it should be cleared before installing the crucible.

4. Check whether the burner is clean and the position is correct.

5. After confirming that the above four points are all OK, put the crucible into the center of the base in the intermediate frequency furnace. Allow the crucible and the furnace wall to have a slope of 2 to 3 inches at the top. The bottom material should be the same as the crucible material.

6. The flame of the burner should be kept burning at the junction of the crucible and the bottom.


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