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induction melting furnace working principle

The induction melting furnace adopts 200~2500Hz medium frequency power supply for induction heating, and the power range is
20~2500KW, according to its characteristics, it is also called medium frequency induction melting furnace. The medium frequency induction electric furnace is mainly used for melting gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum and other metals. It is necessary equipment for university laboratories, research institutes, jewelry processing and precision casting processing. The effective output power of the medium frequency power supply used reaches more than 90%, which saves electricity and saves energy, which is more than 60% energy-saving than traditional power supplies.

The complete set of induction melting furnace equipment includes medium frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor, furnace body and water-cooled cable, and reducer. The furnace body is composed of four parts: furnace shell, induction coil, furnace lining, and tilting furnace reduction box. The furnace shell is made of non-magnetic materials. The induction coil is a spiral copper tube made of a rectangular hollow tube. Cooling water is passed through the tube during smelting. . The copper bar from the coil is connected with the water-cooled cable, and the furnace lining is close to the induction coil, which is compacted and sintered by quartz sand. The tilting of the furnace body is directly rotated by the tilting furnace reduction box.

induction melting furnace

The induction melting furnace working principle:

The induction melting furnace uses an medium frequency power supply to generate an medium frequency magnetic field, which induces eddy currents in the material and generates heat to achieve the purpose of heating the material. The medium frequency electric furnace adopts  200-2500Hz medium frequency power supply for induction heating, melting and heat preservation. The melting furnace is mainly used for melting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, and can also be used for melting copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metals. The equipment is small in size, Light weight, high efficiency, low power consumption, fast melting and heating, easy control of furnace temperature, and high production efficiency.