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Induction melting coil

Induction smelting coil is the main component of medium frequency smelting furnace, induction smelting furnace and casting electric furnace, which plays the role of melting metal. It forms the furnace body of smelting furnace together with steel shell furnace body, furnace lining material, yoke, cooling water path, bakelite column and other components. The basic parameters of the induction melting coil, such as the number of turns, the specification of copper pipe, the ratio of height to diameter and so on, can be determined after the optimization design by computer, which can fully meet the production demand.
1. The induction melting coil is wound with T2 oxygen free electrolytic copper tube. All coils are treated without joints and are not easy to crack, which is convenient for welding and water cooling.
2. Induction melting coil heating improves electrical efficiency. Strict production process requirements, fine and beautiful processing and convenient use.
3. The gap of induction smelting coil is reasonable, 70 × 80. A whole high-strength double horse resin bakelite column with a length of 6 meters.
4. Each turn of the copper tube of the induction melting coil is subject to quadruple high voltage resistant special insulation treatment. The copper screw is separated from the bakelite column with special insulating material. The copper nut fastening the induction coil is sunk into the bakelite column and sealed with insulating material.
5. The induction melting coil is coated with special insulating materials on the inner and outer sides of the bakelite column, which eliminates the ignition and discharge of the sharp edge of the nut in the vacuum state.
6. The coil structure has high strength and is not easy to deform; Faster heat conduction and good heat dissipation effect; Without the large gap between the upper and lower parallel parts of the traditional spiral coil, it is not easy to leak sand through the furnace; Compared with the traditional coil, the current carrying section is larger, the smelting speed is faster and more energy-saving.
7. The stability of induction smelting coil is improved, the maintenance and overhaul work are greatly reduced, and a large number of maintenance costs and equipment failure downtime are reduced.
8. The production efficiency of induction smelting coil is improved, the electric energy consumption in production is reduced, and the annual production is significantly increased.
9. By adopting the structure that the coaxial electrode is connected with the induction melting coil, the sealing structure of the connecting part between the vacuum furnace body and the coaxial electrode can be simplified, and the reliability, safety and vacuum degree of the sealing can be improved. 10. All the electric connection surfaces of induction melting coils are passivated and roughened, with good conductivity and cooling effect. The whole induction coil is treated with rust prevention and passivation.
11. To prevent oxidation and blockage of induction smelting coil during use, and the gap of induction coil is more reasonable, M22 copper screw, 60 × 70 bakelite column is fixed with high strength and is not prone to distortion and deformation. The contact part between the bakelite column and the copper pipe of the induction ring is separated from the bakelite column with high temperature resistant insulating material, and all copper screws are sunk into the bakelite column.
12. The induction melting coil has passed 6000V resistance test and 10000v turn to turn withstand voltage test of spark meter before leaving the factory, and the leakage rate of vacuum helium mass spectrometry is less than 5 × 10-10pa • m3 / s, as well as the triple inspection of pressure resistance and water supply, eliminate the leakage of induction coil and ensure the quality of coil

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