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How to reduce the power consumption of the medium frequency electric furnace?

The power consumption during the use of the medium frequency electric furnace is very large, so the company will find ways to reduce the power consumption when using it, so as to reduce the production cost of the company. The following describes the ways to reduce the power consumption.

  1. The layout is reasonable. The overall layout of the electric furnace should be as small as possible under the premise of ensuring the reasonable operation of the workers, so that the overall connection line will be shortened, which will reduce the heat and electricity loss and achieve the purpose of reducing power consumption.
  2. The material used should be as large as possible to ensure the smooth flow of current to prevent the copper bus from being too small, causing heat, which will take away a part of the electricity.
  3. Workers must be diligent, continue to add materials and assist in stirring steel, increase the smelting speed, and save electricity consumption.
  4. The technical content of the medium frequency electric furnace is difficult to determine by the manufacturers. Although the medium frequency electric furnace technology is relatively mature, it is recommended that the manufacturer choose a large manufacturer to cooperate when purchasing the electric furnace to ensure the quality of the furnace purchased.

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