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How to avoid leakage of medium frequency melting furnace

The medium frequency melting furnace is the main melting equipment in the metal foundry industry, as well as the standard heating and melting equipment in the foundry industry. When the melting furnace is in operation, its heating and melting temperature is as high as 1700 degrees. If such a high temperature of molten steel leaks out of the melting furnace, serious personal injury accidents will occur, which is one of the reasons why the foundry industry resolutely puts an end to the leakage of the melting furnace. So, how to avoid leaks in the smelting furnace?

The main device to avoid leakage of the smelting furnace is the leakage alarm device. By measuring the thickness of the furnace lining, the measured data is converted into current, and the lining alarm device is used to protect the coil of the smelting furnace.

Before knotting the lining of the melting furnace, apply a layer of refractory mortar on the induction coil of the smelting furnace, and install a leak alarm device probe between the refractory mortar and the furnace lining. When installing the smelting furnace leakage alarm probe, lay the furnace leakage alarm probe on the refractory mortar of the medium frequency electric furnace coil, and ensure that each alarm probe is separated by a certain distance (4–8mm). The purpose of separating a certain distance is to reduce the collective heating of the alarm probe, and to prevent the heating and melting of the alarm probe from causing molten iron to appear at the bottom of the smelting furnace.

Before knotting the bottom of the smelting furnace, the fixed alarm probe should also be pressed on the alarm probe with a piece of asbestos cloth with an area of about 500*500mm to prevent the alarm probe from moving under the action of pulling force, or during the construction of feeding knots. There are varying degrees of displacement in the process.

In addition, after pressing the probe, it will make it close to the bottom of the smelting furnace. The purpose is to ensure the thickness of the bottom of the smelting furnace and to meet the design capacity of the medium frequency electric furnace.

Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the alarm probe during the construction of the furnace bottom of the smelting furnace. When fixing the alarm probe outside the smelting furnace, the insulation between the alarm line and the furnace body must be considered. In addition to the insulating sleeve for the external alarm probe, Insulating gaskets should also be used for the fixed gaskets. This is to prevent the ground wire connected to the alarm probe from falling off during the production process. During the melting process of the smelting furnace, the operator will form a series with the molten iron in the furnace and the furnace body, resulting in electric shock accidents. . After all treatments are completed, a static test must be carried out to confirm that the alarm line is fully connected.

The above is the basic method of how to avoid leakage in the smelting furnace, but more inspections and observations are needed, and there must be no dependent thoughts. Check the furnace lining every shift. Small cracks must be repaired in time, and large cracks must be re-fired, so that the normal use of the melting furnace can be ensured and the furnace will not be worn.

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