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furnace body structure of induction melting furnace

The furnace body structure of induction electric furnace includes medium frequency power supply technology and furnace body design and manufacturing technology.

Generally, when discussing the furnace body of an induction electric furnace, more attention is paid to details such as the thickness of the copper tube, the purity of the copper tube, the number of coil turns, the lining material, the number of yokes, and the size of the profile. However, from the perspective of the entire smelting furnace body, its configuration is the most important. So, what does the smelting furnace body structure include?

The smelting furnace body of Huaxin electric furnace includes closed furnace frame, furnace cover, induction coil, magnetic yoke, furnace mouth and furnace bottom casting block, tilting cylinder (with explosion-proof valve), furnace cover lifting mechanism, and a complete set of stainless pressure Heat preservation device, high-pressure carbon-free rubber hose, anti-drop device, furnace lining material and furnace lining quick launch mechanism. Below, the editor of Huaxin Electromechanical will introduce to you one by one.

induction melting furnace

  1. Closed steel frame structure

The furnace body of the induction electric furnace adopts a thick-walled cylinder combined with daily maintenance, inspection, vibration reduction, electromagnetic radiation reduction, dust prevention, etc. The window is cleverly designed, and the overall mechanism is simple and the angle is 95 degrees.

The furnace body of the induction furnace adopts a welded steel structure, equipped with appropriate supports and parts to fix the induction furnace coil and yoke; the upper part of the induction furnace is detachable, which is convenient for coil replacement.

The yoke of the induction furnace is evenly stressed by the rail bolts and provides the maximum holding force to the coil to ensure a long working life of the furnace lining. The yoke is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. The coil and the magnetism are indeed in agreement. At the same time, multiple sets of magnetic yokes are reliable and firm, convenient for assembly, disassembly, adjustment, and maintenance, and are evenly distributed along the circumference; the gasket is made of high-quality insulating materials.

The induction furnace body is equipped with short-circuit rings on the top and bottom of the furnace, and the composite leak-proof probe is safe and reliable. When the molten iron invades or is about to penetrate the refractory material and approaches the coil, it will automatically cut off the power and give an alarm. The lining push-out mechanism removes the requirement of the lining.

  1. Cyclone dust hood and holding furnace cover for induction furnace body

The structure of the cyclone dust hood of the induction furnace body makes it have an excellent dust collection effect.

The cyclone dust hood of the induction electric furnace body has a solid steel structure design, and the furnace cover built with refractory material is fixed in the middle of the dust hood. The flat steel structure reduces the thickness of the entire vacuum hood. It is even more advantageous when the molten iron is poured into the molten iron ladle in front of the furnace hung on the crane. In the whole molten iron tapping process, the maximum tilting angle can be obtained to ensure that the molten iron can be completely

The cyclone dust hood of the induction electric furnace body can work effectively in all production stages of the electric furnace, especially when the molten iron in front of the furnace is processed. The dust hood that is turned up properly can vacuum effectively, which cannot be achieved by the traditional dust hood.

The cyclone dust hood of the induction furnace body should be operated under the condition of satisfying the suction volume

Note: Long-term operation of the smelting furnace body dust hood without wind or insufficient air volume will cause damage to the equipment.

  1. The working principle and advantages of the cyclone dust hood of the induction electric furnace body

Compared with the traditional hydraulic tilting type dust hood, the biggest advantage of the induction electric furnace body cyclone dust hood is its “dual overturning working mode”. The dust hood and the connecting arm can be rotated separately, because it can be tilted up and down. It can stay in any position without operating the positioning pin to determine the tilting direction. However, the traditional vacuum hood can only stay in the front and rear or upper and lower positions. The furnace air-type dust hood avoids the baking of the operator by the front-turned furnace cover, and reduces the work intensity of the operator.

  1. Induction furnace body dust collecting ring and holding furnace cover

The dust suction ring of the induction furnace body is fixed above the furnace mouth, and the holding furnace can be lifted up and down or rotated left and right. Various forms are combined with the dust collection structure to achieve ideal energy saving and environmental protection effects.

The design of the dust collecting ring is safe and reliable and has no movement mechanism, and the installation and maintenance are simple. It is suitable for production places where manual feeding or electromagnetic chuck feeding is used and dust hood cannot be used

  1. The induction furnace uses high-quality copper tubes, silicon steel sheets and first-class design

The induction coil of the induction furnace is the core component of the induction smelting system. It is also the component with the largest energy loss in the induction smelting system. The energy loss of the induction coil accounts for the total loss of the smelting system. The coil is solid, durable and high conductivity produced by Chinalco Copper , Thick-walled TU1 oxygen-free steel pipe with a purity of 99.9% and a conductivity of more than 100. The effective coil and the water-cooled coil are integrated. There is no voltage difference between the effective coil and the water-cooled coil to prevent the effective coil and the water-cooled coil from sparking; the surface of the coil is sandblasted as a whole, and first-class insulation technology and materials are used. The bakelite column around the coil is fixed to ensure that the coil is not deformed, the coil is easy to disassemble and maintain, and it is safer and more stable to use. The use of high-quality copper tubes and first-class coil design can effectively reduce losses.

  1. The yoke technology of induction furnace

The yoke of the induction electric furnace is made of high-quality cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet. The magnetic loss rate of the silicon steel sheet is less than 105, and the coverage rate of the yoke is more than 70%. The coil is uniformly supported from all directions and centered. Water flows on both sides of the yoke as a whole, with balanced heat dissipation, energy saving and high efficiency, and effectively improving the service life. Integral design, cooling function and support function are integrated, the yoke is maintenance-free as a whole, and first-class design, low magnetic loss, less heat generation, and long service life.

  1. The lining of the induction furnace body is launched.

The pre-designed steel structure at the bottom of the induction furnace body quickly connects the guide rail and a frame-type ejection mechanism, including ejection cylinders, hydraulic oil pipes, control valves, and oil pipe control valves. Once the furnace is cooled to below 400°C, the furnace body is turned over 90°, the oil cylinder is lifted with a crane, the cylinder connecting flange is directly placed in the pre-designed guide rail at the bottom of the furnace body, the hydraulic pump station is started, and the furnace lining is pushed out.

  1. Induction electric furnace body fall protection device

The furnace body of the induction electric furnace is equipped with an anti-fall protection device. When the furnace body is overturned, the anti-fall protection cover automatically rises to form a protective fence to prevent personnel from falling, ensuring that the operator is placed on the furnace platform and the furnace body as a unified whole, and The structure is exquisite to achieve the dual combination of firmness and beauty with safety and reliability.

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