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1500kg medium frequency induction melting furnace

The medium frequency melting furnace is mostly used in the melting of steel and iron in the foundry industry. After melting scrap steel into molten steel, fine-tuned components are poured into the mold, and the molten steel is cooled to form castings. The furnace body is mostly a steel shell furnace body with a magnetic yoke. The medium frequency power supply structure has both parallel resonance and series resonance modes. Generally, it is configured as a power supply with two sets of furnaces and a set of hydraulic tilting devices. The furnace body is equipped with a leak alarm device.

1. The main purpose of the medium frequency melting furnace

The medium frequency melting furnace is mainly used for the melting of steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys. The rated capacity of the furnace body is 1500Kg. It has high melting efficiency, safety and reliability, obvious energy saving effect, uniform metal composition, small burning loss, fast heating, and easy temperature control. Features.

2. Composition of 1500Kg medium frequency melting furnace

The medium frequency melting furnace includes an medium frequency power supply, connecting copper bars, capacitor banks, steel shell furnace body, water-cooled cables, induction coils, hydraulic systems, furnace tilting consoles, tilting cylinders, furnace leakage alarm devices and HSBL-80 cooling towers; in addition, Can be equipped with tornado or cyclone dust removal device.

3. The price of 1500Kg medium frequency melting furnace

The price of the medium frequency melting furnace is calculated based on the power of the medium frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. Different configurations have different prices. contatc us, get quotation!

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