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Four major components of medium frequency electric furnace

Medium frequency electric furnace is commonly used equipment in the field of heat treatment. Medium frequency electric furnace is mainly composed of four parts.

Power supply and electrical part: power supply equipment includes high-voltage or low-voltage switchgear, medium frequency power supply (medium frequency generator set or thyristor inverter), power conversion switch, compensation capacitor and medium frequency control cabinet (distribution console in front of the furnace), etc., The electrical part of the large medium frequency furnace also includes a crucible leak alarm system.

Furnace body part: medium and small medium frequency furnaces are equipped with two furnace bodies. One is used for production and the other is spare. The furnace body includes a furnace cover, an inductor, a crucible, a furnace body bracket, etc.

Transmission device: The transmission device includes mechanical or hydraulic devices such as the movement of the furnace cover and the tilting and resetting of the furnace body.

Water-cooling system: The water-cooling parts include: medium frequency power supply (generator set and thyristor frequency conversion device, among which the cooling water for thyristor frequency conversion device needs to be softened), inductors, capacitors, bus bars, flexible cables, etc. In order to save water, the method of circulating cooling is usually adopted. The cooling water circulation system includes water pumps, cooling towers, water tanks, etc.

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