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Emergency measures for medium frequency electric furnace

Medium frequency electric furnace is the main induction heating equipment for mechanical thermal processing. It has the characteristics of high temperature, high voltage and high current. Sometimes various unforeseen accidents may occur during use. At this time, the medium frequency furnace operator is required to respond to emergencies. This requires managers to guide and train operators in their daily management work, and develop good habits in order to be able to respond to emergencies.

  1. The production personnel should regularly check the medium frequency electric furnace, including whether the medium frequency electric furnace cooling circulating water pump, floats and electric control components are normal, and clear the pipeline blockage in time to prevent sudden failure of the medium frequency electric furnace circulating water system.
  2. Develop good production habits, such as timely removal of metal objects on the coil of the medium frequency electric furnace.
  3. No debris or iron filings should enter the knotting material of the medium frequency electric furnace. Every time the medium frequency electric furnace starts smelting and charging, carefully check the furnace lining for cracks, perforations and other phenomena that may cause the furnace to penetrate. Once a problem occurs, it must be dealt with. If a transverse crack is found during the inspection, the liner must be torn open and knotted again.
  4. In daily production operations, strengthen the emergency safety training of medium frequency electric furnaces to improve the overall quality of employees.
  5. Operators of medium frequency electric furnaces must wear labor protection equipment when working.