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Automatic feeding equipment for forging heating furnace

The automatic feeding system is an important part of the automatic production line of the medium frequency induction heating furnace. It can continuously provide the induction heating furnace with the required heating bar at a certain speed and a certain heating cycle, which improves the production efficiency and ensures the heating of the bar quality.

One. Requirements for automatic feeding equipment
1. The automatic feeding equipment can automatically feed the messy bar parts in an orderly manner to the induction of the heating furnace.
2. The automatic feeding equipment requires that the ratio of the length to the diameter of the bar is greater than 2.5
3. The end face of the bar is required to be as flat as possible
4. The feeding speed and the speed of conveying the bar are in line with the heating rhythm of the heating furnace

Two. Description of intermediate frequency heating furnace system
1. The entire feeding mechanism of the forging heating automatic feeding equipment adopts a push-plate lifting mechanism design, with stable feeding and fast speed. The stepped push plate uses an oil cylinder to control the rhythm of the push plate back and forth;
2. The linear conveying mechanism of forging heating automatic feeding equipment adopts chain for conveying, and three-phase asynchronous motor for transmission;
3. The conveying width of forging heating automatic feeding equipment is adjustable, suitable for conveying workpieces with different outer diameters and lengths;
4. The flipping power of the forging heating automatic feeding equipment is provided by the hydraulic system, and the system runs stably and reliably;
5. The maximum turning angle of the turning table of the forging heating automatic feeding equipment reaches 130° or more, and the workpieces in the turnover box can be poured out with little residue;

Three. Parameters of forging heating automatic feeding equipment
1. AC power supply requirements AC380V three-phase five-wire whole machine power
2. 10KW is suitable for the outer diameter of the workpiece (mm)
3. The outer diameter of the bar 135-150mm is suitable for the length of the workpiece (mm) and the length is 300-450mm
4. Suitable size of turnover box (mm) 1000X800X600
5. Load of feeder (KG) 1500KG
6. Push plate width (mm) 1200 Push plate thickness (mm)
7, 100 conveyor belt length (mm) 2350
8. Workshop environment range -10℃~45℃
9. The height of the discharge port is 2000mm
10. Air pressure 0.4-0.8MP