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2 ton induction melting furnace

The intermediate frequency induction furnace is a non-standard induction heating equipment for metal smelting. The bearing furnace body is calculated as 2 tons of steel and the heating frequency is within the intermediate frequency range, so it is called a 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace.
1. Basic information of 2 ton intermediate frequency induction furnace equipment
1. Equipment use: used for scrap steel, metal smelting and pouring
2. Structural features: a set of 1500KW power supply, two 2-ton steel shell furnace bodies
2. The composition of the 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace:
The 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace is mainly composed of two furnace bodies, intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitor cabinet, incoming switch control cabinet, electric control part, hydraulic system, water cooling system and other parts.
3. Introduction of intermediate frequency induction furnace:
1. The furnace body part of the 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace: the furnace body is composed of a furnace shell, a fixed frame, a cyclone furnace cover, a tilting furnace mechanism (fixed-point casting), an induction coil, a magnetic yoke, and a leaking furnace alarm device.
a. The design of furnace shell and fixing frame should be firm, reliable, reasonable, and easy to maintain and disassemble. The cyclone furnace cover should be sensitive, reliable, durable, and have a high dust collection rate.
b. The induction coil should be wound with a special die for extruded copper tube to ensure the rigidity of the coil and the maximum conductive cross-section. After the coil is wound, the current advanced insulation treatment process should be adopted, the insulation level is ≥H level, the insulation layer withstand voltage is greater than 7000V, and the water pressure withstand voltage test is performed before assembly. The material is made of TUI oxygen-free copper, the manufacturer chooses Luo copper, and the thickness is ≥6mm. The upper and lower parts of the induction coil should not only be provided with a copper tube water-cooled ring, but also a short-circuit ring. The inductor should be connected to a large-section water-cooled cable with side leads.
c. Furnace leakage alarm: high sensitivity, stable and reliable, easy to detect and test.
2. The intermediate frequency power supply of the 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace requires stable and reliable operation, advanced equipment, and convenient operation and maintenance.
The rectification part adopts a 6-phase 12-pulse circuit to reduce the impact of high-order harmonics on the power grid. The triggering and protection of the inverter adopts the optical fiber sending and receiving method, and the sweep-type zero-voltage soft start ensures a 100% start-up success rate. The control system adopts full digitalization. The entire intermediate frequency power supply part should have a scientific, reasonable and beautiful layout, stable and reliable operation, and simple and convenient use and maintenance.
3. The electric control part of the 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace:
a. The measurement units of the components and instruments of the 2-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace shall adopt the International System of Units standard.
b. The electrical control cabinet should be a fully enclosed control cabinet with an air filter system installed.
c. The operation of the electronic control system should be intuitive, simple and easy to maintain and repair.
d. All electrical components should be equipped with high-quality products to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.
e. The motor overload and chain protection are perfect, and the configuration is complete. Easy to operate, stable and reliable, easy to check and maintain.
f. Use wire pipes and cable trays for wiring, rationally configure distribution boxes and button stations; all signal lines and power lines are not exposed.