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Aluminum alloy induction heating equipment

Release time: 2022.06.22 View: 630 Origin: Web

induction heating furnace

Aluminum alloy induction heating equipment is used for heating aluminum alloy round bars, with uniform and stable heating  temperature, suitable for mass production. The editor of Huaxin Electric Furnace introduces the specific technical parameters of this aluminum alloy induction heating equipment as follows:
1. Billet material: aluminum alloy 6028
2. Blank specification range:

induction heating furnace specification range
3. Heating temperature: 450~480℃
4. Beat: 5 to 6 seconds/piece
5. The heating is stable during normal operation, and the temperature fluctuation between each section of material is within ±15°C; the axial radial direction (core table) is less than or equal to 20°C
6. The pressure of the cooling water supply system is greater than 0.5MPa (normal water pressure is greater than 0.4MPa), and the maximum temperature is 60℃.
7. The temperature control of aluminum alloy induction heating equipment adopts thyristor control and has PID adjustment. The instrument adopts intelligent instrument, the temperature control accuracy can reach 1 degree, and is equipped with automatic recording and over-temperature alarm system.

induction heating furnace