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KGCX 1.5T/2000KW series inverter induction melting furnace


Handan City Wanbang Casting Company in Hebei Province,China, mainly produces auto parts, manhole covers and other castings. It purchased 1.5t steel shell medium frequency melting furnace from our company in 2020. After intensive production, installation and debugging, it was successfully put into use in April this year.

The equipment use process is running well. Because of the series inverter power supply independently developed by our company, the power consumption is low and the efficiency is high, which has been highly praised by customers.


Device model: KGCX1.5T-2000KW-1S

Rated capacity: 1.5T

Max. melting capacity: 1.63T

Power consumption/H: 528KWH

Power consumption/1T:528

Melting time: 40min

Finished Products example


Actual test results at the melting site

Running time Melting time Meter


Liquid weight Power consumption/1T Power consumption/batch
1 Open time 1:06 41min 18679kwh 1.63T 541.7kwh 883kwh
Closed time 1:47 19562kwh
2 Open time 1:59 40mim 19626kwh 1.63T 532.5kwh 868kwh
Closed time 2:39 20494kwh
3 Open time 2:55 40mim 20559kwh 1.63T 528.2kwh 861kwh
Closed time 3:35 21420kwh