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200kg melting furnace with Siemens PLC control system


  1. The customer country has sufficient power and needs small equipment
  2. Output: 200kg iron per batch
  3. Tmelting time;45minutes

Their Questions & Concerns

  1. Do you have plc?
  2. What is the brand of PLC?
  3. The motherboard is inside the power supply, which is inconvenient to observe, too dangerous.

The CDOCAST Solution

  1. Yes, PLC touch screen can be installed on our power supply
  2. The internal system of PLC is Siemens of Germany, and the touch screen outside is made in China
  3. Our power supply has been improved, a separate observation window is set, which can be dust-proof and long-distance observationcan customized different input voltage,We use 440v60hz motor to meet different customer needs.

Finished Products example

200kg induction melting furnace working site

Siemens PLC control system