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What are the components of the furnace body of the medium frequency furnace?

Huaxin Electric Furnace is one of the excellent induction furnace manufacturers in China. Regarding the furnace body composition of the medium frequency furnace, our conclusion is this:

There are many components of a medium-frequency smelting furnace. A large part may include many small parts, but in general, there are the following components:

(1) The induction coil of the medium frequency furnace: the induction coil is the heart of the medium frequency furnace. The electromagnetic energy is converted into heat energy through the induction coil to melt the metal charge in the crucible. The rectangular copper tube is wound into a multi-turn coil with a spiral shape. High-strength insulating paint is sprayed and wrapped with insulating tape. Refractory mortar is also applied between the turns of the medium frequency furnace, and a water-cooled ring is arranged above and below the induction loop.

(2) The yoke of the medium frequency furnace: The yoke is made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, distributed on the periphery of the induction coil, and acts as a support frame. At the same time, it also restrains the flux leakage outside the induction coil to prevent the metal components from heating up.

(3) Water-cooled cable for medium frequency furnace: due to frequent furnace tilting, the flexible conductor of the water-cooled cable may break, and the loosening of the connecting bolts at the terminal may cause current imbalance. Generally, the life of the water-cooled cable is three years according to the number of tilting. It needs to be replaced after three years. If the bolts change color, they need to be updated and tightened in time.

(4) The lining of the medium frequency furnace: The induction furnace has a high temperature during production, and the furnace temperature changes greatly, and it is also subjected to slag erosion and electromagnetic stirring. The high-temperature molten iron directly washes the crucible lining. The furnace lining is easily damaged, and the furnace construction cost is high, and the induction is prolonged. The service life of furnace lining and reducing the frequency of furnace construction are very important to reduce costs.

(5) Crucible leakage alarm device of medium frequency furnace: To ensure safe production, prevent the occurrence and expansion of leakage accidents, help to judge the use of furnace lining, and prolong furnace age, it is necessary to set up a crucible leakage alarm system. Generally, a direct current alarm device is used to install the stainless steel wire bottom electrode (first electrode) in contact with the molten iron and the stainless steel plate (mesh) side electrode (second electrode) between the induction loop of the furnace lining.

It can be seen that the structure of each part of the medium frequency furnace has its own role, but they cooperate with other components by their own functions and work together.Induction furnace from China