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The working principle of medium frequency electric furnace

The medium frequency electric furnace is mainly used to replace the previous medium frequency generator set in the field of induction melting and induction heating. The medium frequency generator set has a large volume, a long production cycle, and large operating noise. Moreover, it is a fixed frequency equipment. The capacitor must be adjusted at any time during operation to maintain the maximum output power. This not only increased the number of MF contactor, and the operation is also very complicated.

Induction heating is the use of electromagnetic induction to generate electric currents inside the heated material (the workpiece), and rely on the energy of these eddy currents to achieve the purpose of heating. The basic composition of induction heating system includes induction coil, AC power supply and workpiece. According to different heating objects, the coil can be made into different shapes. The coil is connected to the power supply, and the power supply provides alternating current for the coil. The alternating current flowing through the coil generates an alternating magnetic field passing through the workpiece, and the magnetic field causes the workpiece to generate eddy currents to heat it.

Induction heating started with the birth of the automobile industry and the tractor industry, and it has the advantages of high heating efficiency, fast speed, good controllability, and easy realization of mechanization and automation. The medium frequency induction furnace is the main equipment of the forging and heat treatment workshop. The stability, reliability and safety of its work are the guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the forging and heat treatment production line of the flow-through operation. Compared with coal stoves, workers will no longer be bake and smoke from coal stoves under the scorching sun, so that production operations can meet the requirements of various indicators of the environmental protection department, and at the same time establish the company’s external image, which is more for the future of the forging industry. The trend of development offers a possibility.