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The role of the water cooling system in the medium frequency induction furnace.

During the daily use of the medium frequency induction furnace, some components will generate huge heat, such as the medium frequency power supply, induction coil, water cable, etc. One way to solve this problem is to use a water cooling system for cooling. It can be seen that these system components all need water for cooling, and the probability of furnace equipment damage due to cooling water failure is high, so water is very important for furnace equipment.

On the other hand, because most of the devices being cooled are charged objects, such as thyristors, induction coils, water cables, etc., the conductivity of the cooling water directly cooling these devices must be lower than the specified value, and the connecting hose must be a carbon-free hose.

In addition, the inlet temperature, outlet temperature, water pressure and flow rate of the cooling water must meet the design regulations.

The cooling water system of the electric furnace is equipped with various sensors to monitor the relevant parameters of the cooling water. When the cooling water parameter is abnormal or exceeds the set value, it will alarm or stop the operation of the equipment.

The cooling water pump station of the medium frequency electric furnace must be equipped with two main water pumps of the same specification, one for daily cooling and the other as a backup device, and must be equipped with an emergency cooling water system. When the power supply of the power grid is interrupted and the main water pump cannot work, the emergency cooling water system can provide cooling for the furnace body to avoid damage to the furnace body.