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The price difference between open water cooling and closed water cooling

The price of open cooling towers is indeed nearly 40% cheaper than closed cooling towers, so why are the prices of open cooling towers so cheap?

The biggest factor is the material. The FRP material used in the open cooling tower is a new type of high hardness plastic. The closed cooling tower is aluminum-plated zinc plate. One is metal and the other is plastic. The price will definitely be much different. The material of glass fiber reinforced plastic is indeed very common in the application of open cooling towers, which can be completed with low prices and a simplified tower structure. However, many users are not sure that the service life of the FRP cooling tower is half of that of the closed cooling tower. The corrosion resistance and service life of aluminum-plated zinc plate are incomparable with FRP material.

Since FRP is so cheap, why not use FRP to make a closed cooling tower?

This is due to the structure of the cooling tower. Open cooling tower, the pool is external, and only the filler and watering system need to be designed inside the tower body, without considering the hanging weight. The bottom of the closed cooling tower is the pool, the fan at the top and the spray system, the most important is the cooling coil. The weight of this cooling coil is very heavy. It seems that the structure of the closed cooling tower is a little more complicated than that of the open cooling tower. But there are a lot more.

In order to carry out industrial production, we have to make an antifreeze notice to the companies that use cooling towers. In winter, whether it is a cooling tower that is in use or a cooling tower that has been shut down must take measures!

The closed cooling tower in use, because the machine itself needs to cool a certain heat medium, so if it does not stop, according to common sense, antifreeze measures may not be applied, but if the temperature is relatively low, tens of degrees below zero, then he The speed of freezing is very fast, and it is necessary to take antifreeze measures at this time. The common antifreeze measure is to add antifreeze. The mixing ratio of antifreeze rainwater should be strictly controlled. Do not think that the higher the concentration, the better the antifreeze effect. According to our trend chart analysis, after the mixing ratio exceeds 60%, the antifreeze effect will be reduce!

What we want to explain here is the cooling tower after shutdown. When the closed cooling tower is shut down, the water in the spray system and the condenser must be emptied in time. Because, when the pump is not running when the machine is stopped, the water in the pipeline will have no pressure, and it will take some time to empty the water. Especially for the water in the sprinkler system, it is best to use an air compressor system to increase the pressure with the air volume and discharge it as soon as possible. In the process of drainage, the amount of water decreases and the speed of freezing will be very fast, so the drainage must be thorough and immediate.


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