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The difference between high frequency melting furnace and medium frequency melting furnace

Intermediate frequency induction heating: The current frequency is 500~10000 Hz (Hertz), and 5 kg-60 tons of various metals are smelted. It has the characteristics of fast speed and high efficiency-large volume, mature technology, large output power, and low failure rate. The effective hardening depth is 2-10 mm (millimeters), which is mainly used for parts that require a deeper hardening layer, such as medium-modulus gears, large-modulus gears, and shafts with larger diameters.

High-frequency induction heating: The current frequency is 100~500 kHz (kilohertz), suitable for smelting 1-5 kg of precious metals, fast, cheap, small in size, and small in area. The effective hardening depth is 0.5-2 mm (mm) , Mainly used for small and medium-sized parts requiring a thin hardened layer, such as small module gears, small and medium-sized shafts, etc.