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The Costs Associated with induction melting Furnace

What is induction melting Furnace?

An induction furnace is a metal melting furnace that uses induction heating to melt the metal. The metal is heated by an electrical current that passes through an induction coil, a loop of wire wound around the metal to be heated. The heat generated by this current can be used for various purposes such as smelting, refining, and casting.

The Costs Associated with induction melting Furnaces?

The costs associated with induction melting furnaces are high. This is because they require a lot of energy to function and the maintenance cost is also high.

The price of an induction furnace varies according to its size and power capacity. A small-scale induction furnace may cost anywhere between €50,000 to €80,000 while a large-scale one could cost up to €1 million or more.

Different Types of induction Furnace Systems Available

A furnace is an industrial machine that produces heat for the purpose of transforming a raw material into a desired product. In an induction furnace, a coil of wire is passed through the air inside the furnace and a current is sent through it. The current creates an electromagnetic field that heats up the metal being processed (usually steel).

The different types of induction furnaces include:

– Continuous Casting Furnace

– Ladle Furnace

– Induction Furnace

– Induction Melting Furnace