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Steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace

Steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace is a non-standard induction melting equipment that uses electromagnetic induction heating principle to smelt scrap iron and steel. It is mostly used for molten iron melting of castings in the foundry industry. Here, the editor of Haishan Electromechanical will introduce this steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace.
1. The concept of steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace:
Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking is the use of intermediate frequency magnetic field eddy current to melt scrap steel, the molten steel after scrap smelting goes through various casting processes, the scrap molten steel is poured into castings, cooled and solidified, cleaned, and the process of obtaining castings with predetermined shape, size and performance, The equipment for melting scrap during the formation of this casting is called a steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace.
Second, the characteristics of induction heating melting furnace:
1. The melting speed is fast, and the real temperature can reach 1750 ℃ ​​with the addition of a thermal insulation jacket
2. Equipped with programmed temperature control, set the heating or cooling curve according to your process requirements, the equipment will automatically heat or cool according to this process
3. With pouring device, the melted sample can be poured into the prepared ingot mold, and the shape of the sample you want can be poured
4. It can be smelted under various atmosphere conditions: smelting in air, protective atmosphere and high vacuum conditions, buy one kind of equipment, realize various functions; save your cost to a certain extent.
5. Equipped with secondary feeding system: It can realize adding other elements during the melting process, which is convenient for you to prepare diversified samples.
6. The furnace body is made of stainless steel with water cooling to ensure that the shell temperature is lower than 35 °C and protect personal safety.
3. Composition of steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace:
Steelmaking intermediate frequency furnace consists of thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, smelting furnace body, heating induction coil, yoke of the coil’s porcelain magnet assembly, electric heating capacitor bank, water-cooled cable connecting capacitor and coil, hydraulic tilting furnace system, leakage furnace protection System, cooling circulation device and furnace lining material to protect the heating coil, etc.