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Steel shell furnaces have many advantages, but why do many people still choose aluminum shell furnaces

  1. The biggest advantage of an aluminum shell furnace is economical and practical. An aluminum shell furnace unit is about 40% cheaper than a steel shell furnace unit. Suitable for small-scale, short-term, or conversion investments.
  2. Simple structure and easy maintenance. The cause of the failure is easy to find. And the maintenance cost is low.
  3. The smaller the capacity, the less the difference between the two. If the capacity is small, the furnace is subject to less pressure and requires less compressive strength and safety.

Of course, there is no denying that steel shell furnaces are stronger and safer. Ultimately it’s up to the customer to make their own choices. Our recommendation is that any of both can be chosen if the capacity is under 2 tons, or a steel shell furnace if the capacity is over 2 tons.