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Principle and operation process of intermediate frequency furnace

Principle of intermediate frequency furnace

The intermediate frequency electric furnace uses an intermediate frequency power supply to establish an intermediate frequency magnetic field, which induces eddy currents and heat generation in the ferromagnetic material, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the material. Intermediate frequency electric furnace uses 200-2500Hz intermediate frequency power supply for induction heating, smelting and heat preservation. Intermediate frequency electric furnace is mainly used for smelting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, and can also be used for smelting and heating of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. The equipment is small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency, low in power consumption, fast in melting and heating, easy to control the furnace temperature, and high in production efficiency.

induction melting furnace

Operation process of intermediate frequency furnace

1. Before starting the machine, you should send water to check whether the water pipe is flowing smoothly and whether there is water leakage.

2. Check whether the three-phase power supply is normal.

3. Check whether the connection between the power distribution cabinet and the induction furnace is intact, and there should be no metal objects on the induction coil to prevent the induction coil from being burnt due to ignition.

4. When all of the above are intact, you can send the door panel to control the power, and at the same time see if the computer board detects “1” in turn, stops on the “1” and flashes, (check from 9 to 1 in turn).

5. Turn the power adjustment potentiometer on the door panel counterclockwise to “0” minimum.

6. Press the main switch button, the computer panel displays “A” flashing.

7. Turn on the heating switch to the on position, the computer panel displays “A”, and waits for heating without flashing.

8. Amplify the power setting potentiometer on the door panel clockwise little by little to the maximum. The DC voltmeter is 500V, the ammeter is 50A, and the intermediate frequency voltmeter is 650V. The above readings may have errors, but they are not very large. The maximum DC current does not exceed 60A, and the maximum intermediate frequency voltage does not exceed 750V.