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Medium frequency furnace induction coil leaks

Water leakage in the induction coil of an intermediate frequency furnace may be caused by many reasons. The following are several reasons that may cause water leakage in the induction coil and their solutions and maintenance methods.

1. Aged and damaged seals

Damage to the seals will cause the seal between the induction coil and the water-cooling tube to fail, causing water leakage. Solutions include replacing the seal with a new one.

2. Water seepage at the connection of the water-cooling pipe

If the connection of the water-cooling pipe is not tight, it may cause water seepage and eventually leakage. Solutions to this problem include reinstalling the water cooling tube, making sure it is securely connected.

3. Loose pipe joints

Loose pipe joints or improper construction may also cause water leakage. Ways to fix this include checking and tightening loose screws and making sure pipe joints are properly sealed.

4. Coil structural problems

Structural defects in the induction coil, such as missing copper screws or quality problems with insulating bakelite, may cause coil leakage. Solutions include repairing or replacing damaged components to ensure the structural integrity and insulation performance of the coil.

5. Charge problem

Loose charge or uneven furnace shell may affect the stability of the coil, leading to water leakage. The treatment method includes checking the connection between the charge and the furnace shell, and reinforcing or replacing it if necessary.

6. Cooling system problems

If the molten iron being smelted in the furnace is not transferred correctly, it may cause the coil to overheat, causing water leakage. Solutions include ensuring the molten iron is safely transferred and properly cooled.

7. Debris

There may be dust and iron filings in the working environment of the induction coil. These debris may cause short circuits between turns or carbonization of the insulating bakelite surface, resulting in sparks or short circuits. Therefore, it is very important to keep the induction coil clean.

8. Ignition between turns of the induction coil

If there is a short circuit between the turns of the induction coil, it may cause coil failure and water leakage.