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Maintenance process of induction coil of intermediate frequency furnace

The intermediate frequency furnace coil is the heart of the intermediate frequency induction furnace. The induction coil converts electromagnetic energy into thermal energy to heat the metal workpiece. The coil of the intermediate frequency furnace is made of rectangular or circular T2 copper tube. The multi-turn coil is in the shape of a spiral. The surface is sprayed with high-strength insulating paint and wrapped with insulating tape. Refractory clay is also applied between the turns of the intermediate frequency furnace. There are water cooling devices above and below the induction coil. ring. The editor of Huaxin Electric Furnace introduces the maintenance process of intermediate frequency furnace coils in detail.

induction coil
During the maintenance process of the intermediate frequency furnace coil, it is necessary to remove the coil support strip, remove the coil cement, and then use fire to bake off the mica tape, glass ribbon, insulating paint and other insulating layers on the original copper tube. Then perform steps such as weak acid soaking, sandpapering, cleaning, and pressure testing to remove residue and detect water leaks. Then apply insulating varnish, coat with mica tape, paint and coat with glass ribbon, replace epoxy insulation strips and bolts, and finally carry out steps such as shaping and correction, tightening bolts and applying refractory cement.
During the maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace coils, you need to pay attention to safety, follow the principle of shutting down the furnace for repairs, and avoid live work. For the leakage repair of the intermediate frequency furnace coil, it is necessary to smash the leaking part on the copper tube of the leakage coil of the furnace lining and drain all the water in the coil to avoid the generation of bubbles that will affect the leakage repair. Different repair methods are adopted according to the hole size, corrosion degree or breakdown severity of the water leakage point. If the hole is too large, use copper welding repair method, and water seepage cracks can be pasted with thin copper sheets.
The maintenance process of the intermediate frequency furnace coil includes the following steps:
1. Disassemble the medium frequency furnace coil inductor waterway, busbar, furnace mouth plate, coil bottom bracket and bakelite shell.
2. Remove the support strips on the coil of the intermediate frequency furnace, remove the coil mortar, and then use fire to bake off the mica ribbons, glass ribbons, insulating paint, etc. on the original stainless steel tubes and copper tubes.
3. Soak the coil of the intermediate frequency furnace with weak acid, especially the inside of the copper tube.
4. Use sandpaper to remove the glass ribbon, mica, paint residue, etc. on the coil of the intermediate frequency furnace.
5. Rinse the surface of the intermediate frequency furnace coil and the copper tube with clean water to remove any residual weak acid.
6. Perform pressure tests on copper and stainless steel pipe water lines, and replace or repair leaking water-cooling rings and coils.
7. Apply the first coat of insulating varnish. When wrapping mica tape, be sure to use mica (temperature resistant to 180°C and has good plasticity and durability).
8. Apply a second coat of varnish. When wrapping glass ribbons, be sure to use alkali-free glass ribbons that will remain as strong as new after being burned.
9. Apply the third coat of paint (moisture-proof paint).
10. Replace the copper bolts on the new epoxy insulation strip. Shape and correct the coil. Tighten each bolt
11. Apply refractory clay, knot the furnace lining and assemble it
12. Before leaving the factory, check whether the water connection meets the requirements.