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Introduction to smoothing reactor of medium frequency furnace

Ⅰ、 Application of smoothing reactor of medium frequency furnace
The smoothing reactor of intermediate frequency furnace is used in the rectifier circuit of intermediate frequency power supply to suppress the ripple ripple component after rectification, maintain the continuity of rectifier current, improve the output DC waveform, ensure the normal operation of DC equipment and improve the input power factor.

Ⅱ、 Structural features of smoothing reactor of medium frequency furnace
1. The smoothing reactor of medium frequency furnace is of single-phase structure and is of iron core type.
2. The reactor core adopts high-quality low loss 35-230 cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and the core column is divided into uniform small sections by multiple air gaps. The air gaps are separated by high-temperature resistant plywood and coated with special adhesive to ensure that the reactance air gap does not change and has no noise during operation.
3. The reactor coil is wound with high-quality T2 rectangular copper tube and operates in water cooling mode, which has good heat dissipation effect.
4. After the completion of the reactor coil, it goes through the process of pre drying → vacuum dipping → hot drying and curing. H-grade dipping paint is adopted to make the reactor coil have a very high heat-resistant grade, which can ensure that the reactor can operate safely without noise at high temperature.
5. 304L stainless steel non-magnetic material is used for fasteners and channel steel of reactor core column to ensure low temperature rise of reactor.
6. The exposed parts are treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the lead out terminals are tinned copper bars.

Ⅲ、 Operating environment conditions of smoothing reactor for medium frequency furnace
1. The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters.
2. The operating ambient temperature is – 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, and the relative humidity does not exceed 90%.
3. There is no harmful gas, inflammable and explosive articles around.
4. There is no gas and conductive dust sufficient to corrode metal and damage insulation. No serious vibration and turbulence. 5. Indoor use.

Ⅳ、 Cooling water for smoothing reactor of medium frequency furnace
1. The total solid content shall not exceed 250mg / L.
2. Temperature: max. + 35 ℃, min. + 5 ℃.
3. The hardness shall not be greater than 10 degrees (each degree is 1L, and the water contains 10mg calcium chloride).
4. The pH value of pH is in the range of 6 ~ 9.
5. The water inlet pressure is 200 ~ 300kPa.

Ⅴ、 Performance parameters of smoothing reactor of medium frequency furnace
1. It can be used in rectifier systems with voltage levels below 1000V.
2. Rated insulation level 3KV / min.
3. The temperature rise limit of each part of the reactor: the iron core shall not exceed 85K, and the temperature rise of the electric coil shall not exceed 95k. 4. The noise of reactor shall not be greater than 45dB
5. The reactor can operate for a long time under the rated DC current and pulsating component.
6. The temperature resistance grade is above class H (180 ℃).