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introduction of 1000kg steel shell electric melting furnace

The 1000kg intermediate frequency furnace is a large-capacity intermediate frequency smelting equipment. It is mainly used for smelting steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys and other metal materials. The furnace body is loaded with scrap steel weighing 1000Kg. It is mostly used in the smelting process of foundry workshops for castings. Provide scrap metal melting liquid metal material.

1 ton steel shell furnace

Parameters of intermediate frequency furnace
The intermediate frequency power supply of the 1000kg intermediate frequency furnace is a thyristor variable frequency 750Kw-1000Kkw; the scrap melting time is generally less than 60min; the operating frequency is 1000Hz; the furnace lining material is generally acidic quartz sand; the furnace body has a steel shell and an aluminum shell, and currently most of the domestic ones are steel shells The furnace body is welded; the tilting mechanism can use either a reducer or a hydraulic tilting furnace; the cooling circulation system generally uses a HSBL type closed cooling tower.

 Composition of 1000kg intermediate frequency furnace
A 1000kg intermediate frequency furnace usually consists of an intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor bank, steel shell (aluminum shell) furnace body, water-cooled cable, induction coil, tilting furnace reducer (hydraulic tilting furnace) and cooling tower. Among them, the intermediate frequency power supply is the core component of the intermediate frequency furnace, which is responsible for converting industrial frequency alternating current into intermediate frequency alternating current to provide energy for the smelting process. The capacitor bank is used to store and release electrical energy, and the induction coil is responsible for converting electrical energy into thermal energy to heat metal materials.
1. Furnace body: It is the main component of the intermediate frequency furnace. It is usually welded by section steel. It is equipped with an induction heating coil and knotted with special refractory materials. It has good thermal insulation performance and high temperature resistance. The furnace body is usually filled with refractory materials or insulation materials to reduce heat loss.
2. Power supply: To provide electric energy for the intermediate frequency furnace, usually a thyristor intermediate frequency power supply is used. The magnetic field and eddy current are generated through the induction coil, which converts the electric energy into thermal energy and heats the metal materials in the furnace body.
3. Dust removal furnace cover: used to close the furnace body to prevent heat loss and smoke leakage. The furnace cover is usually removable or removable to facilitate loading and unloading.
4. Tilting device: used to pour molten metal liquid out of the furnace body. It usually consists of a reducer, a motor and a tilting mechanism. The reducer converts the high-speed rotation of the motor into low-speed and high-torque output, and drives the tilting mechanism to tilt the furnace body so that the metal liquid flows out.
5. In addition, as needed, the smelting furnace can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as a smoke exhaust system, cooling system, and feeding device to improve the smelting efficiency and the quality of metal materials.

Characteristics of 1000kg intermediate frequency furnace
1. High smelting efficiency: Because the intermediate frequency furnace uses an intermediate frequency power supply, it can heat the metal to the melting temperature in a short time, improving the smelting efficiency.
2. Uniform metal composition: The intermediate frequency furnace can ensure the uniformity and stability of the metal composition by accurately controlling the power and smelting time of the intermediate frequency power supply.
3. Good energy saving effect: The medium frequency power supply used in the intermediate frequency furnace can greatly reduce energy consumption and has higher energy efficiency compared with industrial frequency power supply.
4. Small combustion volume: Due to the high power density of the intermediate frequency power supply, the amount of fuel required during the smelting process is smaller, reducing production costs.
5. Easy temperature control: Precise temperature control can be achieved by adjusting the power of the intermediate frequency power supply, ensuring the quality of metal materials.


The price of an intermediate frequency furnace is usually calculated based on the power of the intermediate frequency power supply and the volume of the furnace body. The prices vary for different configurations.