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cyclone dust hood of induction melting furnace

The induction melting furnace is an induction heating equipment, which is often used in the melting of scrap metals in the foundry industry. During the process of feeding, melting and heat preservation, a certain amount of smoke and dust will be generated, which are mainly concentrated at the furnace mouth. Therefore, the furnace mouth of the melting furnace is effective It is very important to remove dust, improve the working environment, and reduce the pollution of smoke and dust to the atmosphere. As a result, the cyclone dust hood was produced.

induction melting furnace

This new type of cyclone dust hood prevents dust from spreading and achieves the goal of not polluting the working environment around the medium frequency induction melting furnace.
1. The difference between the new cyclone dust hood and the old dust hood for the melting furnace
The traditional medium frequency furnace flue gas collection and dust removal hood adopts side suction or top suction, that is, a separate dust hood is set above or on the side of the furnace mouth, but these two methods not only have poor smoke removal effects, but also are inconvenient to use ;
This new melting furnace dust cover of Huaxin Electric Furnace is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to rotate the swing arm, so that the swing arm drives the furnace inner cover to rotate and open at a fixed rotation point. At the same time, the swing arm is used as a transmission pipe to connect to the furnace outer cover. And the external dust removal flue has the function of collecting dust, thus greatly improving the working environment of the melting and casting of the medium frequency induction melting furnace.
2. Features of the new melting furnace dust hood
This cyclone dust hood of the melting furnace has a solid steel structure design. The furnace cover built with refractory material is fixed on the furnace frame and can be opened back and forth. In the fusion position of the intermediate frequency melting furnace, the furnace cover is covered on the crucible of the intermediate frequency melting furnace to reduce the heat loss during feeding, melting and burning. At the same time, the cyclone smoking hood absorbs dust and exhaust gas through a certain amount of air suction to achieve And improve the effect of exhaust emissions.The shell of the welded steel cyclone smoking hood is connected to the exhaust gas discharge piping system through a flange located on the rotating shaft of the intermediate frequency melting furnace body. When the cover of the entire holding furnace is opened, the feeding operation is carried out. The cover of the entire holding furnace can be reversely rotated. The design of the cyclone dust hood of the intermediate frequency melting furnace is conducive to the maintenance of the nozzle without disassembling the smoking hood.

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