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Classification of induction furnace

Induction electric furnace is a commonly used heating electric furnace in mechanical thermal processing. It is usually used for casting heating, forging heating and metal quenching and tempering heating. Although the shape and structure of induction electric furnaces are different, they are non-standard heating equipment, but they are all used The principle of electromagnetic induction heating to heat metal. So, how are induction furnaces classified?

Induction furnaces are classified according to their usage:

Induction electric furnace is used in forging heating, heating before forging or in the process of metal quenching and tempering. Generally, the heating temperature is 100 degrees-1250 degrees.

In the forging industry, it is usually called medium frequency furnace, medium frequency electric furnace, diathermic furnace, medium frequency heating furnace, forging heating furnace or induction heating furnace; in metal quenching and tempering heating, it is usually called quenching furnace, annealing furnace or quenching and tempering heating furnace.

The heating structure of the induction electric furnace body is divided into overall heating, partial heating, quenching or tempering and tempering heating and tempering production lines.

Induction electric furnaces are divided into bar heating furnaces, steel plate heating furnaces, steel pipe heating furnaces, long bar continuous heating furnaces, automatic bar heating furnaces, temperature heating furnaces, etc. according to the heated workpiece.

Induction electric furnaces are used in metal smelting. The industry usually used is foundry smelting. The industry is usually called smelting furnace, medium frequency smelting furnace, one-to-two medium frequency smelting furnace, etc.

According to the smelted materials, it can be divided into metal smelting furnace, medium frequency smelting furnace, silver melting furnace, gold melting furnace, aluminum melting furnace, copper melting furnace, stainless steel melting furnace, titanium alloy melting furnace, etc.; according to the nature of the molten material, it can be divided into non-ferrous metal melting Furnace and non-magnetic material melting furnace.

Induction furnaces are classified according to power supply structure:

According to the medium frequency power supply, the induction furnace is divided into parallel inverter medium frequency power supply, which is divided into six pulses, twelve pulses, twenty-four pulses, etc.;

According to the medium frequency power supply, induction electric furnaces are divided into single-supply induction furnaces, dual-supply induction furnaces and multi-supply induction furnaces; according to the configuration of the power supply, they can also be divided into one for one induction furnace, one for two induction furnaces and one for three.