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Advantages of using steel shell furnace – safety, energy saving and high efficiency

Compared with aluminum shell furnacesteel shell furnace has the following advantages, higher comprehensive mechanical properties, suitable for large tonnage melting furnace;the induction coil is closed with a magnetic yoke, covering more than 65% of the area. Then, let’s take a look at the article in detail.

The steel shell furnace body is composed of steel shell, induction coil, hydraulic cylinder, magnetic yoke, refractory cement, insulation board, water separator, carbon-free rubber hose, etc.steel shell furnace

Compared with aluminum shell furnace, steel shell medium frequency electric furnace has the following advantages, so steel shell furnace should be selected as far as possible when conditions permit

1) It has high comprehensive mechanical properties and is suitable for the manufacture of large tonnage melting furnace.

2) The energy-saving effect of the steel shell furnace is remarkable because the yoke reduces the magnetic leakage and the permeability of the silicon steel sheet can enhance the magnetic field strength.

3) The magnetic yoke which accounts for 60% of the total areais stable around the inductor, which improves the rigidity of the inductor, prevents the crucible crack and furnace leakage accidents, and enhances the service life of the furnace lining.
4) The height of tapping hole is consistent, which is convenient for pouring water.
5) Hydraulic system is adopted to make the metal liquid more stable.

6) The steel shell furnace body adopts hydraulic tilting furnace device, and the furnace body is welded with high-quality steel structure, which is safer, stronger and durable;

In addition, it is equipped with a leak-proof alarm device, which can effectively prevent furnace leakage and is safer in production.

The steel shell furnace body is designed with two types of environmental protection dust hoods, cyclone type and side suction type, which meets environmental protection requirements and can also improve the working environment. The user can choose the configuration according to needs.

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