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Advantages of medium frequency melting furnace

  1. The frequency conversion device of medium frequency smelting furnace is equipped with automatic circuit breaker, which has protection function. If short circuit, open circuit, phase loss, power failure, discharge and other conditions of smelting furnace occur, the whole circuit will behave abnormally. Automatic circuit breaker can cut off power quickly and protect smelting furnace and power grid timely and reliably.
  2. Anti drop protection device for medium frequency melting furnace. The furnace body of smelting furnace is equipped with anti drop protection device. In the process of furnace body tipping, the anti drop protection cover rises automatically to form a protective fence to prevent personnel from falling and better ensure the safety of operators on the furnace platform. The protection device and the furnace body are a unified whole, and the mechanism is exquisite, so as to achieve the double combination of firmness, beauty, safety and reliability.
  3. The intermediate frequency smelting furnace is equipped with internal circulation pure water cooling system, which can work for a long time without cleaning; It will not stop production because of scaling, or damage electrical power components, and extend the service life of smelting furnace.
  4. The medium frequency smelting furnace has a cyclone dust collector. This kind of smoking hood with furnace cover has a strong steel structure design. The equipment is fixed on the furnace frame and can be opened back and forth. In the melting process of the smelting furnace, the whole smoking hood is closed, and the furnace cover is covered on the crucible of the molten pool, so as to reduce the heat loss in the process of charging, melting and burning. At the same time, the smoking hood can improve the ventilation rate, absorb the dust and waste gas, so as to improve the waste gas emission.
  5. This is a kind of device that uses hydraulic cylinder to push out the lining of medium frequency smelting furnace. The hydraulic power comes from the quick push out device of smelting furnace lining in the electric furnace hydraulic station, which mainly includes the pre designed steel structure quick connecting guide rail at the bottom of furnace body and a set of push out mechanism for frame trial installation, including push out oil cylinder, hydraulic oil pipe, control valve and oil pipe control valve. Once the temperature of the furnace lining is below 400 ℃, the furnace body will turn over for 90 ℃ °, Lift the oil cylinder with a crane, put the connecting flange of the oil cylinder directly in the guide rail designed in advance at the bottom of the furnace, and start the liquid to exit the furnace. A set of push out mechanism can be equipped with several furnace bodies.
  6. The medium frequency melting furnace body is durable and beautiful, especially the large capacity furnace body, which needs strong rigid structure. From the safety point of view of tilting furnace, the yoke made of steel shell is used as far as possible to shield the magnetic line of force generated by the induction coil, reduce magnetic leakage, improve thermal efficiency, increase output, and save energy by 5% – 10%.