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Advantages of medium frequency electric furnace

The medium frequency electric furnace heating device is a new generation of metal heating equipment. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality and favorable environment. Compared with coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil-fired furnaces and ordinary resistance furnaces, the disadvantages It is very obvious, so it is being quickly eliminated.

The medium frequency furnace is the main equipment of the casting, forging and heat treatment workshop. It has stability, reliability and safety during production. It is the guarantee for the normal and stable operation of the casting, forging and heat treatment production line of the streamlined operation. Medium frequency furnaces have a good development prospect in the field of thermal processing, such as heating furnaces mainly used for forging, diathermic furnaces, and induction for diathermic, rolling, forging, pipe bending, heat treatment (quenching), welding and other processes Heating furnace. The medium frequency electric furnace has the following advantages:

  1. The central control circuit board is optimized by the computer, and the large-scale integrated circuit is optimized and combined, the device performance is stable, the quality is reliable, and the anti-interference is strong;
  2. The layout of the internal components of the electric furnace is coordinated and reasonable, and the maintenance is convenient;
  3. On the basis of zero voltage start, an automatic frequency sweep and repeat start function is added, the voltage and current loop circuits are closely tracked, and the equipment starts and stops smoothly and stably, without current impact;
  4. The inverter start signal adopts a single-signal high-sensitivity trigger circuit, which further enhances the start-up performance of the equipment and makes the start-up success rate of the equipment reach 100%;
  5. The constant power circuit control system can quickly adjust the voltage and current to the optimal setting as the charge changes during production, without the need to manually adjust the inverter cut-off angle;
  6. It has a complete protection system for overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, water shortage, phase loss, pressure limiting and current limiting, so as to ensure the reliability and working stability of the equipment;
  7. Highly integrated circuit scheme, debugging and operation are fast, simple and easy to learn.